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June 8, 9 & 10, 2017 | KICC | Nairobi | Kenya

 COMPACK KENYA 4th Edition


COMPACK KENYA - 5th Edition will be leveraging the support of leading chambers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda who have already committed their support to promote COMPACK KENYA - 5th Edition. This will help widen the reach of our promotional efforts and bring in visitors from all the East African countries - Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia,  Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia,
Tanzania, and Uganda.

Supported by:

The Institute of Packaging Proffessionals Kenya (IPPK)   

The Institute of Packaging Proffessionals Kenya - IPPK

  • Stimulate consciousness of good packaging;
  • Undertake and promote study, research and development in packaging and package design;
  • Recommend standards for packages, packaging materials, processes and equipment;
  • test, evaluate and certify packages, packaging systems, packaging materials, equipment and processes;
  • Provide consultancy services on packaging problems;
  • Study packaging for export commodity wise and country wise and to suggest measures to authorities concerned for effecting improvements;
  • Provide training both short term and long term for specified personnel employed in industry, commerce and government in packaging technology;

    more info: www.ioppk.com
  African Packaging Organization - APO
African Packaging Organization - APO

The concept of the formation of an African packaging organisation had been in the minds of certain packaging professionals in Africa for some time, but it was in March 2012 that Mr Kofi Essuman, at that time Chairman of the Ghana Institute of Packaging, first mooted the idea officially in an email to other interested parties.

The proposal was enthusiastically received by those parties, and Mr Roger Cary-Smith, head of education for the Institute of Packaging (South Africa) (IPSA) offered to act as Interim General Secretary and assist in "getting the ball rolling".

  World Packaging Organization - WPO
World Packaging Organization - WPO

The World Packaging Organisation is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

Founded September 6, 1968 in Tokyo by visionary leaders from the global packaging community, the purposes of the organisation include to:

  • Encourage the development of packaging technology, science, access and engineering;
  • Contribute to the development of international trade; and
  • Stimulate education and training in packaging.

Primary activities of the organisation today are to promote education through meetings, special activities and publications, including this web site; to sponsor an international packaging design awards program; and to facilitate contact and exchange among the various national institutes of packaging.

Supporters of Past Edition in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda include:

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry   

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry - KNCCI

KNCCI, is a NON-PROFIT, autonomous, private sector institution and membership based organization. It was established in 1965 from the amalgamation of the then three existing Chambers of Commerce: the Asian, African and European chambers, to protect and develop the interests of the business community. KNCCI has a countrywide outreach with 47 County Chambers. It works in close collaboration with the Government, stakeholders and business development organizations internationally.

It is an affiliate member of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICC), the G 77 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA), and the East African Business Council (EABC), among others.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers   

Kenya Association of Manufacturers - KAM

KAM is the representative organization for manufacturing and value-add industries in Kenya. In pursuit of its core mandate of policy advocacy, KAM promotes trade and investment, upholds standards, encourages the formulation, enactment and administration of sound policies that facilitate a competitive business environment and reduce the cost of doing business. KAM aims to promote competitive local manufacturing in a liberalized market.

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture - TCCIA   

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture - TCCIA

TCCIA plays an important role in moving on from a centralized, planned economy towards a more open, mixed economy giving full scope to privately owned enterprises and farms. With offices in all 21 regions of mainland Tanzania and over 92 district centers, TCCIA helps link the private sector to the Government with a view toward promoting the development of private enterprise. TCCIA's services to the business community include business information, training, advocacy, business supportive initiative (i.e. processing business license) and business promotion activities such as trade fairs and missions.

Confederation of Tanzania Industries – CTI   

Confederation of Tanzania Industries - CTI

CTI is an independent, self-financed Business Membership Organization that aims to ensure that there is a conducive legal, financial and economic environment within which industries can operate effectively, prosper and contribute to national wealth and development. CTI provides excellent value added services to enhance competitiveness and profitability of the manufacturing and service industries through dedicated efforts and innovative solutions.

Uganda Association of Manufacturers – UMA   

Uganda Association of Manufacturers - UMA

UMA is one of the largest organizations representing the broad industrial and commercial sectors of Uganda's economy and an important forum for the private sector in the country. UMA has a membership comprising of both the private and public sector. UMA serves the interest of its members shaping national and regional policies and leading the industrial sector towards sustainable global competitiveness. It works to promote and protect the interests of industrialists and manufacturers in Uganda and advise Government on key policies affecting industry.

                 Organized by:
Enterprising Fairs (India)

Enterprising Fairs (India) PVT LTD - EFIPL

ENTERPRISING FAIRS has vast experience in handling domestic and International Exhibitions. The prime focus of Enterprising fairs is to facilitate business convergence for categories such as plastics, rubber, packaging, and manufacturing, which are among the fastest growing economies in the world. EFIPL organizes professional trade shows in the field of Plastics, Rubber and Manufacturing especially in developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Myanmar and now in Vietnam. EFIPL members have vast experience in Marketing and in the field of Plastics and Packaging.