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COMPACK is the only dedicated Packaging Expo in the country. The focus is primarily on the end-users of innumerable products – be it Consumer or Industrial, to cater to all the needs related to Packaging – machines, materials and systems.

COMAPCK has always been promoted with a view and mission to deliver true value for our esteemed EXHIBITOR. The feedback too has been consistently good and encouraging both from the EXHIBITOR and visitors and that’s why COMPACK is truly Exclusive Packaging Expo for Myanmar!

COMPACK MYANMAR 3rd Edition - 2018

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (called Myanmar), a member of Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The geographical size of Myanmar is 678,500 square kilometer and population is over 58 million.

Geographically Myanmar serves as a bridge between South Asia and South East Asia and connects the world’s two most populous countries China and India. Myanmar has seen the easing and lifting of international sanctions over the past 2 years.

General Information
  • Population of 63 million
  • English is widely spoken as co pared to many neighboring countries.
  • Agriculture is the key sector of Myanmar’s economy. It provides employment to two thirds of the population, contributes 58% to the country’s GDP and 48% of its exports.
  • Myanmar’s major exports include crude rubber,vegetables, seafood products, sawn logs and sawn timber, as well as processed food.
  • Increased access to aid and trade could provide Myanmar with the ability to realize its potential and develop into the next emerging market in Asia.