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The success of a trade fair appearance depends on many different factors. One of them is modern design creation that is effective in the European exhibition market. Compackexpo provives you the most modern and sophisticated designs.

Utilising effective design can make the maximum of your stand space and raise the used space. Good design can increase your visibility, but it also allows you to be noticeable without the need of increasing the size of your stand or spending money on a more prime position, which can be much more expensive.


A tailored exhibition stand design with a exceptional look is a primary factor


A personalized exhibition stand with a exceptional look, is extremely important for exhibition success. A custom design can give the stand on the fairground a very and impressive appearance. When the design is beautiful and special, it can send a remarkable image to the audience, which often will recognize the presentation of an important, leading company.
Find customized solutions to a more fresh and Adaptive Culture, designing innovative, passion-evoking stands based on vision and strategy.

A personalized exhibition stand with a exceptional look is a main aspect


Beauty generate attractiveness, and beauty is the secret ingredient which makes an exhibition design go even more as a trade fair business presentation, giving visitors a singular experience. Good design creates emotion for the brand or product.
Exhibition stand design and branding says a lot about the exhibitor. It is more efficient when it is uniquely and memorably presented.
Beautiful and effective bespoke stands that generates profit is the result of a professional approach. It integrates reliability, contrast, symmetry, balance of proportions, thereby transmitting honesty, credibility and good reputation.

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Custom exhibition stand design


Setting up a outstanding exhibition presentation developing an appealing custom exhibition stand design is just one of the keys that will allow a company to open doors to achieving business success. Develop a new design concept that is customized to your operations and objectives.

Progressive creative concepts designed to increase client relationships, deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a connection between company and customers.
The foremost pricey option, but the one that gives you exactly what you want, bespoke exhibition stands are custom designed and built for an individual event and offer endless possibilities. This comes with downsides and up. Different from the other stands described here, bespoke stands are difficult to set up and take down. It’s likely they’ll involve wall panels and large structures that require a specialist team to install. They’re also more difficult to adapt for subsequent shows - although some companies will store your stand and rearrange the modular items in different configurations.

Increase the dialog with a well designed stand concept and improve the dialog between relevant target groups
Incorporating the style and the characteristics of an company in the stand design with the features and facets, creates a recognizable impression of the company and shows the style and the known characteristics of an organization on the fairground.

Plan a design of the stand that you intend to create and carefully determine your area

A great style will encourage consumers into your stand, a poor style will make them unwilling. An professional service provider may cost a little more cash in the short-term, but in the end deserves it.

A higher budget is obviously needed to get a more unique appearance on the fairground. However some reasonable question could be how a higher need to be the investment to create a custom stand? And can lead higher customization to an higher return of investment? What level of individuality, notability, adjustment is needed for a medium or long term exhibition approach? Activteam exhibition marketers can provide an answer by knowing more about your company, the services and products and your you exhibition targets. Contact our project management team get access of 20 years experience in exhibition marketing, exhibition construction and an remarkable history of individual custom designed stand projects.

Compackexpo offers comprehensive exhibition design, custom created exhibition stand strategy to help you optimize your event demonstration. Our industry professionals provide sophisticated modern design, architectural, manufacturing and build up.


Best exhibition stand designs and styles for more impact

We are one of the well-known Stand Design & Manufacturing Companies and one of the best exhibition stand builders & contractors in Europe with production of custom booths covering all exhibitions in Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Italy, and Spain.

Being the leading exhibition stand design company in Germany, we offer fully customized stand designs for your industry type.

We have a strong brand presence across Europe. In addition to timely delivery of exhibition stands to the show floor, we also provide stand installation and dismantling services.

With over 20 years of industry experience, our exhibition stands designers understand your stand design requirements and curate displays accordingly.

Our Exhibition Stand designs are exclusively designed to enhance your brand image and restore your market position.

A modern and sophisticated design can say a lot about your company and is important to create a branded stand End to increase the communication between your audience to provide a memorable look and a leading image.  Your brief, target segment, marketing strategy, and goals will be integrated in a modern design concept. Our exhibition stands designers  also provide different design concepts with additional stand design ideas that can help to take the best decision for maximum results. 


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